The Big Three Kingwood Foundation Threats To Know About

There is nothing more meaningful than a home. We know that you build your life within those walls, but there are many forces working against it.


What’s the bottom line?

In Kingwood, Texas, knowledge is power in the war against the elements and we are on a mission to help you win. Here are a the “Big Three” threats to your foundation in Texas and how to prevent them;




Your land has got some moves!

Believe it or not that dirt that you hardly ever think about can have a huge impact on your foundation. Texas soil is filled with highly expansive clays that may be moving right under your nose – or feet in this case.
To avoid issues with your moving dirt, have an experienced foundation repair expert check it out every once in awhile. There is never any harm in being cautious; if you catch a problem early it can end up saving you hundreds of dollars.  



Your tree is lovely, but you’re only seeing it’s good side.

the roots of a tree that could cause foundation cracks

Tree roots are one of the leading causes of foundation damage because they can destroy plumbing, grow into sewer lines, and cause soil upheaval. We know, they are very two faced.


Luckily, there is an easy solution; root barriers. A root barrier will completely avoid any of these problems by preventing the roots from growing too close to a structure. This eliminates the possibility of expensive foundation repairs later and allows you to keep that pretty tree.




The Pipes are calling…

Okay, pipe problems are crazy. If plumbing damage problems are not attended to quickly, all sorts of damage can result in a very short period of time.


The thing that makes plumbing tricky is that damages can be caused by the previous two threats; moving soil and tree roots. Let’s put it simply, we do not want that for you.


The best way to prevent foundation damage would be to contact a foundation repair professional ASAP when you spot any signs of damaged plumbing. They will be happy to help and hopefully you can catch the issue soon enough to keep the foundation repair as inexpensive as possible.


With this knowledge you should feel very prepared to care for your home or building. Providing adequate attention to foundation repair needs in Texas is key to having peace of mind.




It gets better:

There are honest experts to help you if you have any more questions. Aftermath Repair would love to help you know what you need when it comes to foundation repair in Texas.