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Often times, many of the structural problems we come across are a direct result of hidden dangers that you, the customer, need to be aware of.  For this reason, Aftermath would like to inform you of these structural issues, rather than only sell you part of the solution needed.  Aftermath offers a wide variety of services to accommodate any structural need.

Aftermath Foundation Repair Services Available

At Aftermath Repair we are here to help you with any of the following structural repair problems:

Have you discovered uneven doors in your house, cracks in the foundation, an area of grass that gets soggy and over watered? It’s time to contact us at Aftermath Repair, we can help you discover exactly what is going on, and what all needs to be fixed.


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small brick crack in a building that could be the sign of a foundation issue
Aftermath repair working on E pipes underneath the ground
the roots of a tree that could cause foundation cracks
leak detection for a small crack in a pipe

Aftermath offers its services all across Texas including Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. If you have foundation problems, we are here with a range of services to complete your needs.

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