Foundation Repair in Pearland, TX

Here is the truth:

Foundation repair is not something that anyone wants to deal with.

But foundation repair in Pearland is not as scary as it sounds.

Let’s discuss the early warning signs of foundation damage, what causes these types of problems, and what homeowners can do to protect the value of their home.

What are the warning signs?

There are a few warning signs that will signal to homeowners in Pearland, Texas that there is a problem with their foundation.

1. Visible cracks


This sign is simple:


If there are visible cracks in the foundation of the home, there is likely a serious problem. Cracks that are visible above-ground also mean that there are potentially cracks under the ground, as well.


Pearland foundation repair is a common issue, and many homes will have cracks. But not all cracks in the foundation mean that there is an issue that immediately needs to be fixed.


A structural analysis is always a good idea when homeowners start to see cracks forming.

 I have cracks!


2. Plumbing leaks

Plumbing leaks often signal a need for foundation repair in Pearland.


Here is the issue:


When water from plumbing leaks seeps into the soil, the dry Texas soil expands. This puts extra pressure on the foundation of a home, creating serious problems beneath the surface.


Why does that increased pressure cause problems?


This pressure applied against the foundation of the home, over time, will create cracks, and will cause shifting to occur. This can mean serious damage for a home.

I have plumbing leaks!


3. Windows and doors do not shut properly

Windows and doors that do not shut properly could be a sign that the foundation of the home is shifting or cracking.


Here is the deal:


Because of dry, expanding soil, and due to foundation shift over long periods of time, foundation repair in Pearland, Texas is often a common problem. As the foundation shifts, windows and doors that once closed properly have shifted as well, causing problems.


This warning sign isn’t always a clear indicator for foundation repair, but Aftermath Repair offers a free structural analysis that can clarify for homeowners whether or not they need to actually follow through with foundation repair in their Pearland home.

4. Strange noises

Pops. Cracks. Creaking.


These are all sounds that you may hear coming from below the surface of the house when the foundation is shifting or cracking. If you hear any of these noises, then it may be time for some foundation repair in Texas.



What causes these warning signs?

Why is Texas foundation repair such a big deal?


The first issue is in the soil. Because of drought-like conditions in Pearland, the clay-like soil tends to be very dry. As that soil dries out, it shrinks, and gives way for shifts in the foundation of a home.


But when the rain finally does come, the soil soaks up all that water and expands. As discussed earlier, this expansion causes pressure against the foundation, increasing the possibility for cracks to occur.

How do I find out if I need to fix the problem now?

Aftermath Repair offers a free structural analysis, which serves to clarify if, and when, repairs are needed and the seriousness of a home’s foundation problems.


We pride ourselves on an honest and clear evaluation. We want to help homeowners in Pearland understand the issues and to know when it’s time for foundation repair, and when the problems don’t need to be immediately fixed.


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