Foundation Repair in Brenham, Texas

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At the heart of the bluebonnet region of Texas, the city of Brenham feels like home no matter where you go. Built on a foundation of pure Texas tradition, this tight-knit community will never be uprooted. However, the same cannot be said for their homes.


With the highly expansive clays and active soils in south Texas, it is only a matter of time before Brenham homes need foundation repair. Here at Aftermath Foundation Repair, it is our goal to guide you through the important structural decisions to be made during your home’s foundation repair.


Not sure if your home or office needs a foundation repair? Aftermath Foundation Repair offers a free structural analysis at your convenience. We will diagnose if your home or office needs a foundation repair, identify the cause, and create the right repair solution specific to your needs.

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Signs That You Need A Foundation Repair

So how can you tell if your home or office needs a foundation repair? Our free consultation will give you a professional opinion, but here are some common signs of foundational damage that you should be aware of:

  • Cracked/crumbling in foundations or within the interior/exterior of a structure.
  • Sloping, sagging, or buckling of foundation floors or walls.
  • Standing water around the structure from poor drainage.
  • Exterior mildew.
  • Improperly fitting doors and windows.


If you have noticed that your property is experiencing any of these symptoms, your home is most likely  in need of a foundation repair. Many of the structural problems we see are a direct result of hidden dangers that our customers are unaware of. Aftermath Foundation Repair offers a variety of services to address the heart of the real problem at hand.

a pile of old pipes that caused leaks under a home

Our Solution For Your Foundation

It is our goal at Aftermath to fix your foundation, as well as solve the problem that caused the original damage. We offer a number of services to combat the variety of problems facing your foundation. Whether it is a plumbing leak or a tree root problem, we’ve got you covered.


Once we have completed our free structural analysis consultation, we will begin to develop a plan of action to start your home’s foundation repair. This formal proposal will be presented to you before any work is done. It includes our structural analysis of your foundation, our repair plan, and the estimated cost to fix your foundation.


One main cause for a damaged foundation is a plumbing leak. Even if you do not yet have a foundation problem, leaking and broken sewer lines can cause significant foundation problems if left untreated.Aftermath Foundation Repair has the experience and knowledge to identify possible leaks in your home. If you notice any of these symptoms, schedule a consultation with us:

  • A larger than usual water bill.
  • Water seeping through the slab or out from under the slab into surrounding soil.
  • A warm or cold feeling under the foundation where the leaks have occurred.
  • Unusual wet areas in the landscape around the home.
  • A drop in water pressure inside the house.
  • Cracking in the foundation or in paved areas around the house.


A leak in your plumbing system could mean that your cast-iron piping needs to be switched to PVC. To repair under slab sanitary piping there are two common methods:

  • Tunneling under the foundation or,
  • Breaking through the concrete slab.


It is possible that the damage to your plumbing system was caused by tree roots. Tree roots can grow and damage your piping material. This causes blockage and accumulation of sewage that could eventually backup into your home. In order to stop current damage and prevent further damage, we install root barriers to protect your pipes.

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It is our goal here at Aftermath Foundation Repair to fix any foundation problems your Brenham property may be experiencing. Our years of experience will help make your foundation repair process as easy as possible. Call today to schedule your free structural analysis.