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What exactly is concrete lifting and how does it work?

Concrete lifting is a process that corrects issues with your concrete structure. This provides you with the opportunity to fix unevenness, warping or other issues that are in place with your concrete fixtures. Handling matters with concrete lifting is typically the alternative to concrete replacement, which many people opt for in this situation.

What types of concrete structures can be lifted?

There are a variety of concrete structures that can be lifted. Some examples include concrete driveways, patios, rights of way, barbecue areas, basketball courts, stairs, sidewalks, pathways, slabs, roads and building foundations. There are a variety of means of lifting that will correct serious issues with these structures.


For example, weak land grades or soft soil can create voids underneath certain fixtures that can be corrected with concrete lifting. You will also be able to fix serious foundation issues, including foundation cracks, which can lead to water damage, mold, mildew and devaluation of your property overall when you have basement problems.


What are some of the advantages of having your concrete lifted?

Benefit #1: It Saves Money That Would Otherwise Go Toward A Full Fledged Concrete Replacement

One of the greatest benefits that you will see is that this is cost effective. You will save plenty of money opting for a concrete lift as opposed to a concrete replacement. In fact, can be as little as 33 percent of the cost of a replacement.


Benefit #2: It Is A Green Friendly Construction Solution

One of the best things about concrete lifting is that it is an energy efficient, renewable process. For instance, there will be a reduction in fuel emissions, lower consumption of cement overall and will be less damaging to the surrounding land. This allows you to be a great steward of your environment as a whole.


Benefit #3: It Is Effective And Strengthens Your Concrete

When you get the concrete lifted, you will be in a great position to get your concrete set into a condition that is much stronger than it otherwise would be in. This provides you excellent opportunities to shore up property value, so that you are not dealing with issues that detract from your foundation, steps or other important fixtures.


Benefit #4: It Allows For Quick And Easy Cleanup

With lifting your concrete, you will be able to experience quick and speedy cleanup that you otherwise would not be able to. You won't have to call in an entirely separate company to handle the concrete cleaning, which will allow you the peace of mind of clearing out your property on your own terms.


Benefit #5: You Won't Have To Tear Up Or Replace Your Current Landscape

Finally, one of the greatest things that you will enjoy is the fact that your grounds will not be ripped apart and damaged. It will also save you plenty of money that would otherwise would be spent removing valuable landscaping fixtures.