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If you live in Texas, they say with foundation repair is not a matter of “if”, it’s “when”.  With the highly expansive clays and active soils in south Texas, you probably know someone who has been through the foundation repair process before.  With such important structural decisions to be made, it’s important to make the right choices moving forward with your foundation repair.  Aftermath Structural Repair would love to help create the technical information needed to make a wise decision.  It is important to get your foundation analyzed, so that minor problems do not turn into catastrophic problems in the future.


Aftermath Foundation Repair’s Free Structural Analysis

At aftermath repair, we thrive on our ability to offer free structural consultation without the pressure of buying services that may not be needed. Not every home or business is in need of foundation repair. In fact, it gives us the same pleasure to tell you your’s doesn’t. We know how important it is to help our customers navigate through the process of diagnosing the problem, identifying the cause, and creating the right repair solution that makes sense for everyone.

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What can be expected from Aftermath Foundation Repair?

  1. As a foundation repair company, we want to take the time to come look at your foundation. Feel free to call or email to schedule a time that works best for you. Our consultation typically takes one hour.
  2. During the first 20 minutes of the consultation, we gather information and data that will allow us to diagnose any structural issues in further detail. First we create a drawing of the home or commercial building.  Then we take elevation measurements of the entire foundation to help us understand more about how the structure is moving.
  3. Once we gather all of our data, we will speak with the customer in detail about our analysis as well as answer any questions that you may have.
  4. After 24 hours of the initial consultation, a formal proposal is provided to the customer.
  5. We provide a proposal drawing of the customer’s structure with elevations. This drawing will make it clear where your home is having structural issues.
  6. The formal proposal also includes analysis, repair plan, and cost of work.
  7. Each proposal is specifically designed to fit each job we evaluate.

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We Are a Foundation Repair Company That Cares

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We take pride in developing long lasting relationships in the industry. It is our highest priority to make our customers number one. We aim to be your first call if you have had any structural movement. In most cases, we are easily set up as approved vendors with more than adequate insurance coverage. Our reputation has proved to be our most valuable asset in the company. Let us prove it to you!


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a man from aftermath repair working on foundation repair
men from aftermath repair working on foundation repairs
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