3 ways weather affects foundation repair in College Station, TX

prospective home in College Station, Texas with foundation repair needs
Anyone who has lived in College Station can agree that the summer weather can be unbearable. Believe it or not, that miserable weather can have a huge effect on the way the foundation of a home settles over time. But don’t worry; there are steps to take that can reduce those changes to the foundation of a home.


Let’s talk about three ways the hot and dry climate affects foundation repair in College Station and the steps homeowners can take to combat foundation repair issues.



1: Soil contraction during dry seasons

During the summer months of the year, College Station averages a high of 94° F. And if that isn’t hot enough, the area only gets about 3 inches of rain per month during the season.


That dry climate causes the Texas clay-like soil to contract. When that soil dries and cracks, that allows the foundation of a home to shift and settle downward. When there’s shifting and settling, it is very likely that some major structural damage could occur.



2: Soil expansion during rain

Soil contraction can be bad news for the foundation of a home.


But that’s not all.


When the rain finally does start to fall, the dry Texas soil soaks up all the moisture. As it does this, the soil begins to expand. The continued rainfall then in turn, increases the expansion of the dry soil.


Why is this an issue?


When the soil expands, it creates pressure against the foundation of the home. And when there’s increased pressure, cracks in the foundation of a home are much more likely to occur, making the need for foundation repair a real possibility.



3: Root damage

If trees are planted close to a home, roots can severely damage the foundation.




Roots are very aggressive in the way they seek water. They need it to survive. So In a dry climate like College Station Tx, roots stay close to the surface and spread outwards. If there is no water in the dry clay, they will go wherever they can to find moisture.


This includes into the foundation of a home. When this occurs, structural damage is a real possibility.



What steps can you take to prevent or fix damages?

The good news is that there are options for foundation repair in College Station. Aftermath Repair offers a free, no-pressure structural analysis that can assess any cracks in the foundation of a home.If there are damages, we can help you get started in the repair process.


And if there are no problems? That’s great!


We pride ourselves on offering honest evaluations of foundation repair needs in College Station Tx.



If I need foundation repair, how do I get started?

The best solution for foundation repair in College Station involves both a polyurethane and pressed pier foundation repair process.


Polyurethane foundation repair process

The interior foundation of the home can be lifted by injecting high-density polyurethane foam under the foundation. This foam expands and presses up against the soil, contracting it to a more normal state. Once this has happened, the foundation of the home levels off and is lifted and stabilized.


Pressed pier foundation repair

Perimeter foundation repair is best aided by a pressed pier repair process. If the perimeter of the foundation has settled, piers can be pressed into the ground to a point where the weather will not have an effect on soil contraction and expansion. These piers can lift the foundation and level it off, aiding in the repair of any cracks in the foundation or structural damage.


Root barrier

Root barrier installation is all about creating a shield. Pipes and sewer lines are integral parts of a home’s foundation, and when roots seek water, they can cause damages to the foundation, pipes, and sewer lines. The root barrier around pipes and sewer lines protect them from damages the roots can cause, and help save the home from structural damage.


If you would like to learn more about foundation repair in College Station Tx or to set up a free structural analysis, contact us today!