3 Reasons For Foundation Repair in Sugarland, TX

Foundation repair is not something that homeowners want to deal with.


But for most people in Sugarland, foundation issues are something they’ve already had to deal with in the past.


And although these types of issues are common, there are viable and affordable solutions.


Below, we’ll discuss three reasons why foundation issues are so common in Sugarland, why you should fix them now instead of later, and different foundation repair options.


1. The soil and weather

 a crack in the foundation
The soil in Sugarland, like most places in Texas, has a very clay-like texture.


No big deal, right?


Well, Texas soil is very receptive to change, depending on the weather. In periods of drought, the soil begins to contract. This contraction gives the foundation of a home an opportunity to shift or settle. And that’s not good news.


But that’s not all.


Whenever there is any sustained period of rain, the soil soaks up all the moisture it can and turns into that slippery like substance we typically think of when we think of clay. While the moisture is good for the soil, it is bad news for your foundation. As the moisture enters the ground, the soil begins to expand, bringing increased pressure and cracking of the home’s foundation.


2. Plumbing leaks

crack in a pipe
Plumbing leaks are a common Houston area foundation repair issue. Leaking pipes might not seem like that big of a deal, but they can really end up costing you if left unrepaired.


Here’s the deal:


When water leaks out of the pipes under a home, the dry and contracted soil expands, just like it does when it rains.


So not only are damaged pipes going to cost you on that monthly water bill, but they can also create damage to the foundation of the home, costing homeowners even more money in repairs.


3. Roots

tree roots damaging concrete
In a dry area like Sugarland, the roots of trees will go anywhere to get the water they need to grow. Instead of growing deep into the soil, they grow sideways and stay close to the surface.

That means that if there are trees close to the home, their roots can really cause a lot of damage, not only to the foundation, but also to the pipes and sewer lines under the house.


A root barrier needs to be installed to help keep those roots from entering the foundation and breaking the underground pipes.



Why should I fix these problems now?

Here’s the deal:


Structural damage, cracks in foundation and plumbing issues are not going to fix themselves with time. It is up to the homeowner to make a conscious decision to repair those damages for the future.


With the clay-like soil surrounding Sugarland, Tx, the ground under the home is only going to continue to contract and expand. With time, existing issues will only continue to get worse.


How can Aftermath Repair help?

Aftermath Foundation Repair offers a free structural analysis. If issues exist, we’ll tell you. And if not, we’ll honestly tell you that, as well! And if it is time to get started, we’ll give you avenues to explore for repair.


We know there are many foundation repair companies in Sugarland, and we pride ourselves on giving our customers an honest opinion on the foundation of your home.


What are my options for repair?

Foundation repair in Sugarland is a big issue, but there are avenues for restoring the foundation of a home. Below we’ve listed three of the most popular and common Houston foundation repair options:


Polyurethane foundation repair process

When there are problems with the interior foundation of a home, the polyurethane foundation repair process should be implemented. The foundation can be lifted by injecting high-density polyurethane foam under the home. The foam then creates pressure against the soil, and presses up, thus contracting the soil. Once the soil is at its original state, the home can be lifted and stabilized at a normal level.


Pressed pier foundation repair

If perimeter foundation issues exist, these problems are best fixed by the pressed pier foundation repair process. It is very common for the outside foundation of a home to settle. Piers, which are inserted into a deeper bedrock, can serve to stabilize the house while repairs are made. This way, when soil expands and contracts, there will be no further cracking in the foundation, thus eliminating further structural damage under the home.


Root barrier

Root barrier installationis useful in cases where pipes and sewer lines are damaged from stray roots. As previously discussed,  when roots seek water, they can cause damages to the foundation, pipes, and sewer lines. The process of root barrier installation around pipes and sewer lines can serve as a shield to protect them from any further damage and can help save the home from structural damage.



To learn more about foundation repair, root barrier installation or other structural issues, visit our site, or if you’d like to set up a free structural analysis, contact  Aftermath Foundation repair today!